Finley & Lanny

Chatmoss Country Club

Aug 31, 2018

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        You guys I am just in the beginning of my busy second half of the year for weddings. I truly never thought my business would be what it is and I am feeling so giddy that I was blessed with amazing couples! This particular couple is all smiles and will be that old couple who never takes life too seriously! I did not meet Finley and Landon, aka Lanny, until the night of their rehearsal dinner but I felt like I have been besties with Finley for years. I love when you connect with people right away without it being awkward and you can be your complete self without fear of judgement. Their family and friends immediately warmed up to me and I felt like I was working a friends wedding!! Side note, the rehearsal dinner was SO delicious, props to Lanny’s parents!!!

       The wedding day had some clouds and rain in the forecast all day. As soon as the ceremony started the rain stopped and it was magical! Lanny’s sister officiated the wedding and was also a bridesmaid. She told the most beautiful story of their love and neither one of them lost their smile. They both recited some tear jerker vows and were announced Mr. & Mrs. Funsten!!

      Their friends from college have a band and they are all over the US and all agreed that it would be a must to play at the reception. I have seen tons of bands play at weddings but these guys did an awesome job!!! That reception was exactly how a reception should go, less talking and more dancing! I mean I didn’t expect any less, this group CAN DANCE! Like no joke, they should all be on So You Think You Can Dance and any other dance show. In all seriousness, I adore Fin and Lanny so much! They are such a team and Lanny looks at Finley with the biggest heart eyes and Finley gets all giddy when Lanny is around. I hope everyone enjoys this sneaky peek because I LOVE these peeps!


Fin & Lanny,

Guys…YOU ARE THE BEST EVER! Okay but forreal, why do I feel like we could have all been bff’s for life?! Please tell me I am not the only one that feels this way. I truly had such a phenomenal time with you, your family and friends. Everyone had the best time! I kid you not, I did not see a bored face in the room! Being a part of your best day ever was one of my favorite days and I really hope you guys enjoy these as much as I do! You guys look like you are living the dream on your honeymoon and I am loving seeing all the updates. Be safe and most importantly best wishes on a marriage full of getting (more) abs from laughing! 🙂

Your wedding photographer,

Morgan Renee

Dream Team

Venue: Chatmoss Country Club 

Hair/ MUA: Blush & Bobbys

Coordinator: Julie Wells with Chatmoss Country Club

Videography: Honeydew

Dress: Pronovias/ Place of purchase: Ladies of Lineage 

Band: Otis Wedding / Peter Askin (

Florist: Sharon – Bryant Everett Florist

Cake: Maxi B’s 

Catering: Chatmoss Country Club/ Chef Joe (



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