Mat & Reba

Mimosa Barn

Sep 27, 2018

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“Mat and I met on the day of the Oceanview St. Patrick’s Day Parade. My friends and I went to the parade and got soaked because it poured rain. We ended up leaving early and decided to go Big Woody’s. Mat was there with a bunch of his friends, including Travis, who I knew. I went over and said hi to Travis and then went back to my friends. A little while later someone from their group walked over and said they were getting ready to play cornhole and needed partners. I volunteered to play and got teamed up with Mat. He told me how bad I was the entire game and then traded me for another teammate! But a little bit later he came over and we started talking again and ended up talking the rest of the night. Finally him and his friends were leaving to go to another bar and he kept telling me to come there, and I said I would. I went over and talked to my friends about it and none of them wanted to go. So I followed Mat on Instagram and he sent me a DM. We went on our first date a few days later and the rest is history! Also, if it hadn’t rained that day of the parade, Mat and I never would’ve met. So I think the rain on our wedding day was fate.” -Reba Walton

I have known Mat for about 12 years now and I have never seen him as happy as when Reba came into his life! He is so gentle with her and she loves him whole heartedly. I have known Reba through mutual friends and she was always so kind and genuine! I can honestly say she is one of my favorite people! I know this blog post is supposed to be about these two lovebirds but let’s be honest here, Reba is my sista from anotha mista! It is certainly never a dull moment when we are hanging out. I adore the two of them together, can’t imagine it any other way!

Their Wedding Day was such a fun day/ evening with only a little rain, which never hurt nobody and it sure did not ruin their day! The skies cleared just before all the important things happened! I had my better half second shooting and we had the best time celebrating Mat & Reba with all of my high school friends!! Here are a few sneaks to get Mat & Reba excited to see the rest!


What do you know, another “rainy” wedding that the forecast completely changed minutes before the ceremony started!! They really got lucky and I was so happy the rain held out until way after the ceremony and cocktail hour. Yay!!!



Dream Team:

Caterer: Mission BBQ

Cake: Michie Walton

Venue: Mimosa Barn,

Dress: Here and Now Bridal

Bridesmaid Dresses: Tulle & Chantilly

Stationary: Minted



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