Emily & JC

Engagement Session

Jan 31, 2018

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      I have known JC since good ol’ VCU days! He texted me a while back to let me know that he was about to propose to his girlfriend and to get my camera ready!! I was so happy when it happened! They are the cutest and when I met Emily it was as if I have known her my whole life! We did their session in Corolla, NC near her parents beach house. Me and my fiancé spent a night there and I talked JC and Emily into waking up during the sunrise and taking more photos, which was a great idea if I may say so myself! We had such a great time with them and I cannot wait until their wedding day!!!

Their Engagement Story:

         JC and Emily had decided to venture on a cruise with 12 of their close friends in the middle of hurricane season this October.  Little did Emily know that the real plan was to propose. JC spent months planning out the details, getting the stone (in April) and the ring (in August), and confiding in close friends and family. Emily’s parents were asked, the plan was set, Emily was clueless, and it was time. On the 5th day of the cruise, their dear friend Taylor Covington gave JC a napkin that said, “Do it tonight, she looks bomb”. Taylor was the only one “in” on the plan, and was doing her best to keep it under wraps, despite having the ring stored in her safe all week, and fielding questions from Emily herself. JC responded by holding the napkin written note well above his head to read it, until he realized what it was. He quickly put it in his pocket and hoped no one had noticed. He scurried back to his room to get his camera (borrowed from their friend, Taylor Knight), and Taylor C went with to get the ring. The two couples on the boat went out on the deck on the back of the boat to take “couples pictures” that evening after dinner. Taylor Covington and Josh Togger went first, with Emily taking a few photos of them. The two switched so Emily and JC could get a few pictures. About three pictures in, JC got down on one knee and proposed. Emily responded with a confident “yeah”, and tried on the ring. It fit perfectly. We all went back to the bar inside, and announced it to the rest of our friends. They were all ecstatic. One even cried. The band made Emily and JC do an especially embarrassing dance, followed by a complimentary champagne toast. The rest of the night was spent in celebration. 




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