Katie & Oscar

Richmond Wedding

Jan 31, 2018

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          Oh man where to start. Katie and Oscar are two people full of love with the most genuine hearts. Months leading up to their special day, Katie’s momma reached out to me. She wanted her daughters wedding to be a fairytale, and that it was! Seeing the two of them finally meet each other at the alter gave me all the butterflies! Every detail they included held importance,  it really was every photographers dream!!! Katie and Oscar wanted their day to be about having fun and enjoying each moment. The reception was bumpin’ the entire night and I may or may not have gotten down a few times! Being with their family and friends felt like home and I love how welcoming they all are. It was as if I have known them my entire life. During the reception and before everyone sat down to enjoy their dinner, Katie made a beautiful speech honoring the law enforcement who works with Oscar and thanking them for bringing her love home safely every night. It was truly so beautiful and I love their love!

To Katie and Oscar,

           I wish you two nothing but love and happiness and LOTS of little Katie and Oscar’s running around hehe! I am so happy that I made a friend out of you Katie, seriously you have lifted me up since day one and I hope you know how much you guys mean to me! Cheers to y’all!

Their love story:

          Oscar and I met through mutual friends!  My friend Stephanie and I used to take a lot of gym classes together and we ended up becoming really good friends!  She told me her husband, Mark, had a friend that they wanted me to meet. So we planned for a fancy night out, and apparently they were setting Oscar and I up on a blind date.  I didn’t even know it was a “date,” but Oscar did!  So the first night we met, I was a little leary, thinking, “why is this guy so into me?”  It was because he was on the date and I was on the blind part!!  Needless to say, I was totally weirded out, and didn’t return his texts for a few weeks. But Oscar is persistent and doesn’t give up!  After almost exactly a month, I finally agreed to dinner.  From that night on, we’ve never missed a single day talking to each other!  It’s the ultimate love story of never giving up, and trusting your heart!  Not only is Oscar persistent, but he is the most loving, caring, and patient person.  The way he loves me is like nothing else in this world.  He is my light, my love, my everything!  We balance each other so well, and our souls were made for one another!  So shoutout to Mark and Stephanie who are epic matchmakers!  By the way…they were just recently promoted to bridesmaid and groomsman!         



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