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Aug 11, 2018

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A little over a year ago Lissa reached out to me about her wedding day. We met up at this southern comfort food place and I knew that the two of them were absolutely perfect together!! We had a blast together and it honestly felt like I have known them for years! Within the last year they have been through the unimaginable but that did not keep them from loving each other.

They met in Baltimore while Lissa was visiting for a hair show. Lissa walked into Brian’s bar, and saw him checking her out. So she walked up to him with confidence, flirted and ordered a drink and was met with professionalism! He recovered by playing dj and inviting her to his booth to ask which songs he should play. They did this several times before he handed her his number on a napkin. Lissa had to leave shortly after that, but as she was walking out he ran up to her asking for a hug!

Their wedding day in Norfolk was perfect. It was located at The Icon building in Downtown Norfolk. The building is where her Man of Honor, Josh, lives and he was such a huge part of their day! He did her makeup and hair and did a FANTASTIC job!! That day could not have been more perfect. There were actual thunderstorms surrounding the building but it never once rained, not even a single drop!! Lissa and her daughters, granddaughter, Momma and friends spent the morning and early afternoon getting ready for the most beautiful evening! Brian was getting everything ready so that Lissa could finally have her dream wedding with her soulmate! Honestly, I cannot get over how much Brian takes such good care of Lissa, his love is so gentle with her. As soon as Brian saw her his eye lit up and told her how amazing she looked in her dress! Im not crying you are! Haha! I think them finding each other is fate. Brian needed to find Lissa’s creative, beautiful and wild soul and Lissa needed to find Brian’s sweet, down to earth heart. Here are a few sneak peeks from their day in Downtown Norfolk!   

Lissa & Brian,

Thank you so much for everything and constantly supporting my tiny business! You have no idea how much it means to me the amount of love you have showed me in just one year! I can’t wait to finally make it to dinner and game night over your house (hopefully soon)! I hope you enjoy this little sneak peek of ya’ll’s special day! I honestly wish we could relive it all over again!! Your family is so extremely nice and welcoming and I felt so at home! Enjoy your honeymoon and when things settle down, lets grab a drink or eat food! Love you guys so much!!


-Morgan Renee

Dream Team:

Venue: Icon

Coordinator: Morgan browning ,

Dress: Davids Bridal

DJ: Chris Rice Music makes you happy llc,

Florist: Norfolk Wholesale Floral 

MAU: Alexa Matos & Josh Ketron

Hair: Josh Ketron & Alexa Matos

Cake: Jaimes Bakeshop

Catering: BBQ Shack 

Stationary: The Bride and Man of Honor



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