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Jun 23, 2018

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I love all my couples and I really love spending such a special day with them. Mallory and Scott are like no other, they are the happiest people you will ever meet if you have the privilege. I did not get to meet them until their actual wedding day but that honestly did not matter because I was welcomed with open arms and welcomed with TONS of smiles. Mallory, her bridesmaids and family were all so so amazing and I quickly made friends with them! When I met Scott he was so adorable when I asked him how he was feeling, he could not stop smiling. He was so giddy and could not wait to see Mallory!

Their wedding at Earlyhouse in Louisa, VA was a dream! The owner of the venue came up to me early on in the day to let me know that many years ago on that exact day was her and her husbands wedding and showed me such a darling photo of the two of them! This venue/home had so much charm no matter where you turned. It truly is a hidden gem and such a great place for Mallory and Scott to say “I Do”.

Their ceremony was definitely one for the books but still so perfect and beautiful. Halfway through mother nature thought it was a grand idea to make it rain. Luckily Mallory and Scott were covered but a little rain never hurt nobody and the show went on! They were too excited to wait! After their ceremony of course came the portrait session and oh my goodness I have never had such troopers on the other side of my lens. They did not complain about everything being wet or that the humidity was on 100, they were just so happy to be together and have “alone time” (even though I was there haha).That reception was such a blast and the food was super delicious!! I would replay that day over and over if I could!



Mallory & Chris,

I enjoyed every moment of your wedding day and I cannot thank you guys enough for being so amazing and kind to me! You guys have an amazing family and I absolutely loved dancing the night away with ya’ll. I wish you two all the love and constant laughter for life! Hope you both had a blast at your honeymoon in Punta Cana and the first almost month of marriage has been everything and more! Thanks a million times for letting me be a part of your wedding, it was an honor!

With love and a happy heart,

Morgan Renee


Dream Team:

Florist – Nancy McKinnon (Mother of the bride)

Venue – Earlyhouse

DJ – Guyton Mobile DJ

Catering – Food for Thought, by Earlyhouse 

Stationary – Minted

Dress – Bridal Elegance

Cake – Louisa’s Homemades



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