Kulakarn & Cameron

Engagement Session

Jun 1, 2018

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I have been chatting back and forth with Kulakarn since the beginning of the year and she has been enthusiastic about this engagement ever since then! Kulakarn and Cameron were such a pleasure to photograph. She wanted their session to be taken at First Landing State Park which is never a bad idea, the trees and parts of the bay is so perfect if you want the best of both worlds! The two of them were such troopers. The entire session had mist coming down and the mosquitoes were terrible but they were happy the entire time! I got to play some of my favorite 90s hip hop for them, which even had me dancing behind the camera.  They are getting married in Thailand and I am so excited for them! Here are a couple sneak peeks of their cute selves!

Their love story:

“Sometimes, when you know, you know. We’ve heard that phase before but it wasn’t until we met each other that we understood what it meant. Somehow, something tells us from within that this is it. This is the person I want to spend the rest of my life with. Right from the start, we had that feeling of “knowing it”.

On one of our early dates, we felt something magical.  We spent the whole day by the beach, then climbed into a lifeguard stand and chatted the evening away.  Just off the coast, a fireworks show started up like it was meant just for us.  At that moment, everything felt like it was falling into place and something sparked in our hearts that has grown ever since.  Then we knew.”

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