Katelynn & Mason

Joshua Tree National Park

Mar 11, 2018

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      For the longest time I have wanted to go to Joshua Tree National Park and photograph a couple there! Well I got to check it off my bucket list because a very good friend of mine and her hubby were happy to be my models! I am thrilled with these photos and cannot stop staring at them! California is the place to be for some absolutely breathtaking scenery!!! I would go there once a month if I could!

     Katelynn has been a good friend since 8th grade but unfortunately had to move to the west coast. But, that did not stop us from staying close after many years apart. In high school Kate met Mason and they were inseparable ever since. Mason is a Marine so unfortunately there was physical separation but no matter what they always found their way back to each other. For the longest time Kate would tell me all the things she loved about him and so I was happy that she was happy! They recently got married in the state they met, Washington, in Kates Grandmothers back yard and it was so so sweet, simple and perfect in every way. After photographing the two of them, my heart was full for Kate. They are truly so great together and neither one of them takes life too seriously.

To Kate & Mason,

     I love the both of you so much! I wish you two nothing but laughter and the happiest days together forever! Cannot wait until you two start a family (hopefully very soon haha)!! Can’t wait to come back and visit!!! Joshua Tree round two! 🙂

With love,




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