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Fairview Farm & Events

Nov 5, 2018

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Sarah & Tony’s love story:

“Met old-fashioned thru friends of friends in a basement at a house party. Tony invited me to come paint his new house and to his surprise… I showed up in overalls and boots and was ready to get to work. Couple weeks went by and I got a bouquet of flowers delivered to my office for my birthday, but there was no sender’s card. I called the company and they wouldn’t let me know who sent them. I thought it was my mom or one of my gfs trying to be cute. Turns out it was Tony… he had no idea that a card didn’t say who it was from so he spent the whole day thinking I hated the gift and was embarrassed by it. Deep down I knew Tony was a great guy and the kinda guy that I could end up with. But I was still young (23) and wasn’t sure if I was ready for that kinda of love. So I kept him at arms length for a couple months… but then I took him to my company’s holiday party and he just won me over. I was champagne drunk and he was a complete gentleman. I just remember how he tipped the bartender $20 when it was an open bar and I thought “man, that’s a great guy” and “crap Imma fall for him.” Huge winter storm hit that year and I decided to get out of the Fan (which I assumed would lose power) and hang out with Tony at his house complete with a fireplace. Snow ended up being more than we even thought and I was snowed in at his house for about 4 days. And from there it was history. 2 dogs and 2.5 years later and we’re hitched!

The engagement came as a total surprise to me. Tony had a college buddy getting married near Charlottesville over Halloween last year, so we decided to stay at my mom’s place in Amherst. I didn’t have Friday classes and Tony took the day off so we could have a nice Fall weekend to hike. My mom was in town so I invited her to join us. So the three of us took our 2 dogs and went hiking up Crabtree Falls (first time going there for all of us). When we got to the top we hung out for a bit and I said we should start heading back so we didn’t get stuck driving back in the dark. Tony asked if we could take a picture before we left (which, looking back is weird because Tony hates photos… but I figured he wanted a new FB picture with a nice view). My mom took pictures of us with our dogs and then one with just us… which is when he got done on one knee and asked me to marry him. I was in total shock (which basically results in me awkwardly laughing/screaming) and don’t even remember what was said. Luckily, my mom got the whole thing on video! I spent the whole hike down saying how my “rock” was so much better than all the rocks (the actual rocks) we saw along the hike.” – Sarah Zacharias


Prepare your eyes for a GORGEOUS day! Loved celebrating Sarah and Tony at Fairview Farm and Events! The entire day was so perfect and personally my favorite part was the fire pit with yummy s’more’s! Not to mention I loved hanging out with their friends and family. Truly was never a dull moment the entire day. Duke got to hang with all the groomsman while I photographed the girls! When the bridesmaids were getting ready, they all started rapping to Eminem and it was too good! The ceremony by the barn was one for the books and listening to the two of them say their vows was the sweetest! They celebrated by dancing to an awesome band for the rest of the night!  I hope you guys enjoy this tiny flashback of their day!!

There ceremony was one of my favorite parts of the day!

Swoooooning over how beautiful Sarah looked! Hair, makeup, dress..ugh! So gorgeous! 


Dream Team:

Florist : Grey Sol Designs

Dress : Essence of Australia 

Venue : Fairview Farm and Events

Coordinator : Illumination Events Studio

Band: Route 64

Cake: Pearl’s Cupcake Shoppe

Catering: Goodrich Gourmet

Bridesmaid Dresses: Tulle & Chantilly

Tux: Brooks & Brothers

Stationary : Minted

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