Rebecca & William

Boathouse at Sunday Park

Sep 15, 2018

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William and I met in the beginning of high school. We went to different schools but my friend, Arden, had a twin brother who was close friends with William. We had met in passing a few times at the twins’ house, but it wasn’t until sophomore year that we really noticed each other. We had both gone to a school dance with friends and somehow ended up spending the whole evening together. In true high school relationship fashion, our first date was Chick-fil-a and a movie. Luckily, we had both just gotten our licenses so we missed that awkward stage of having our parents drive us to dates. For college, William headed off to JMU, and I went to UVA. Even though we were only an hour apart, it felt like much farther as college freshman without our cars. We fell into a routine of FaceTime (thank you Apple) and weekend visits and never wasted the summers we had at home in Richmond together. We knew we wanted to get engaged and married pretty soon after we graduated college. We had waited 6 years, 4 of which we spent the majority of our time apart at different schools, and we were so ready to make this thing official! September 2nd was a DREAM! We still can’t believe it’s real.” – Rebecca Finch


On Sunday, September 2nd in Richmond, VA Rebecca and William had the most beautiful day to be married!! Once again the weather was extremely unpredictable but as soon as I finished up their details the sun came peaking through the morning fog and cloudy sky. When Rebecca did her first look with her dad and bridesmaids there was not a dry eye in the room! I love those moments even though the events leading up are stressful, it makes it all worth it!

While I was with Rebecca and the girls, Duke was with the guys preparing William for the first look!! They finally got to see each other and the happy tears were falling and hearts were full! The entire day was gorgeous and their families were such a pleasure to be around! Rebecca’s mom was awesome throughout the entire day, honestly she would make an awesome wedding planner/ day of coordinator!! She made sure everything was perfect for the two of them and that it was!! They ended their wedding celebration running through bubbles and the sound of triangles!


William said he did not think he would cry, but he did and it was the sweetest!!

Also, I absolutely LOVED Rebecca’s dress detail!!



Dream Team:

Venue: The Boathouse at Sunday Park  –

Hair/ MUA:  His or Hers Salon


Dress: Bridal Elegance 

DJ:  DJ Lane–

Florist: Janet Carter

Cupcakes: Frostings

Catering: The Boathouse at Sunday Park



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