Janet & Brian

Great Marsh Estate

Sep 6, 2018

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I have been so excited to share this GORGEOUS engagement session from a few weeks ago at the Great Marsh Estate in a tiny town outside of DC called Bealeton, VA. Janet and Brian wanted to find the most unique spot and they truly were spot on with this place. It reminds me of a French Chateau with southern charm. The days leading up to the session it was only rain in the forecast which seems pretty normal nowadays. As soon as we got to the estate it was partly cloudy with no rain in site! Safe to say we got super lucky.

The second Janet reached out to me through emailing it felt as if I had known her already. Then entire session was nothing but laughs but oh my goodness did they kill it with the modeling. These two quickly became some of my favorite people! Not to mention Janet’s impeccable taste in gowns, I mean come on ya’ll she is literal perfection!! By the end of the session I did not even have to tell them much, they moved together so well.


Gosh  I am swoooooning over these!!

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